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Settle in Canada | How International Students Can Explore Their Purpose and Passion in Canada


Join us for a Settle in Canada session as we speak with Templeton Sawyer as he discusses his journey as an International Student in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Templeton also shares insightful tips for achieving success and following your passion.

Speaker Information

Templeton Sawyer profile
  • Templeton Tyler Sawyer is a Youth Advocate who believes in education and success. He is passionate about setting actionable goals in order to make them reality. Humble is one word to describe Templeton, he is humble in serving both the people of his community, his family and friends. He graduated with his Associate diploma degree in Marketing & Advertising Management.  Mr. Sawyer came to Halifax, Nova Scotia to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, minoring in Non-profit leadership at Mount Saint Vincent University. He is currently an Employment Specialist Practitioner at Teamwork Cooperative. Passionate is one word to describe this young man of excellence.

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