Get the information you need for settlement success in Canada.

Settle in Canada Livestreams

In these livestreams, we talk to guest speakers about topics that matter to newcomers. 

Check out the videos below to increase your knowledge about Canada and get tips for building your amazing life in Canada!

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Settle in Canada | Starting a Business

Check out our Settle in Canada livestream where we speak with entrepreneur, Adegoke Fadare about the challenges and opportunities with starting a business in Canada.

Settle in Canada Livestream - Tapping Essentials for Stress Relief

Settle in Canada | Tapping for Stress Relief

Join us for a Settle in Canada livestream as we speak with Georgia Barnwell, owner of Energy for Transformation about ways to relieve stress using tapping. Learn about living in Canada, ask questions, and make new connections.

Settle in Canada Livestream - Learning English in Canada

Settle in Canada | Learning English in Canada

Join us as we speak with Erin McDonald, owner of Learn English Nova Scotia, and Arleigh Hood, English instructor at ISANS. You’ll learn about your options for improving your English in Canada, what the Canadian Language Benchmarks are, and tips for improving your English.

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