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Learn English

Improve your English skills, learn about Canadian culture, have fun, and make new friends. 

Free Canadian English Lessons

Join Teacher Ian for our free Learn Canadian English lessons two days per week. Learn with other amazing students from around the world. Get feedback on your English, play games, and take quizzes.

Our lessons are on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. (Atlantic Time). 

Learn Canadian English Expressions

Want to learn common expressions you'll hear in Canada?

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Why Learn English with us?

Learn Canadian English

We can help you understand and be understood by Canadians. Teacher Ian was born and raised in Canada.

Professional instructor

Teacher Ian has a Master's of Education degree and has been teaching English for over 20 years.

Fun, Free Lessons

Learn grammar, vocabulary and improve your English skills. Meet students from all over the world.

students learning during a lesson

What you will learn

Learn about topics like employment, housing, shopping, and health as well as Canadian culture. Improve your grammar, vocabulary, writing, and listening skills with our interactive lessons.

Get lots of practice

After the lesson, you can watch the recording, study the lesson materials, take a quiz, and connect with other learners.

Settle in Canada Livestream - Learning English in Canada

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