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English Lesson | Perfect Punctuation

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Join Teacher Ian for a free English lesson on Perfect Punctuation. Learn about the most used punctuation marks like periods, commas, question marks and more. Improve your skills, learn about Canada, ask questions, meet other students, and have fun!

Lesson Outline

  • Discussion
  • Punctuation Marks and Their Uses
  • Punctuation Dictation Quiz

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Perfect Punctuation

Test your knowledge of English punctuation in this quiz.

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Where do we use apostrophes (')?

Check all that apply.

2 / 8

What goes in the blank space?

Isn't that the best Nickelback song you've ever heard ____

3 / 8

What is this called?


4 / 8

What goes in the blank space?

___ I'm telling you, I was here first!" she yelled at the waiter.

5 / 8

What's goes in the blank space?

They are from Halifax ____ Nova Scotia.

6 / 8

How many punctuation marks are there in English?

7 / 8

What should go in the blank space?

She's asking her mother ___ if she can come over for dinner.

8 / 8

Which one is the semicolon?

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