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English Lesson | Landing a Job in Canada

Table of Contents


Join Teacher Ian for a free English lesson on Landing a Job in Canada. Learn some tips on resumes, cover letters, networking, and interviews. Improve your skills, learn about Canada, ask questions, meet other students, and have fun!

Lesson Outline

  • Class Discussion
  • Networking in Canada
  • Writing a Connection Request
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Job Interviews
  • Resources

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Landing a Job in Canada Quiz

See what you know about Landing a Job in Canada.

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It's a good idea to send a message introducing yourself on LinkedIn.

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Networking is responsible for approximately what percentage of job opportunities?

3 / 5

You should have at least this many references.

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What should you include on a resume?

Check all that apply.

5 / 5

Resumes in Canada should be 3 pages or more.

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The average score is 70%


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