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English Lesson | Finding an Apartment

Table of Contents


Join Teacher Ian for a free English lesson on Finding an Apartment in Canada. Learn what questions to ask a landlord and what you can do to be a good candidate. Improve your skills, learn about Canada, ask questions, meet other students, and have fun!

Lesson Outline

  • Discussion
  • Vocabulary Quiz: Rental Terms
  • Canadian Culture: Overview of Renting in Canada
  • Grammar: Questions for a Landlord
  • Dialogue: Speaking to a Landlord

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Finding an Apartment Quiz

Test your knowledge of renting an apartment in Canada.

1 / 5

Where is a balcony usually located?

2 / 5

What do you need to pay before you move in?

3 / 5

Which is not a normal apartment feature?

4 / 5

What is the name of the legal agreement between renters and landlords?

5 / 5

What is the most expensive city in Canada for renting an apartment?

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The average score is 90%


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