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English Lesson | Common Errors

Table of Contents


Join Teacher Ian for a free English lesson on Common Errors that English learners make in speaking and writing. Improve your skills, learn about Canada, ask questions, meet other students, and have fun!

Lesson Outline

  • Discussion Questions
  • 9 Common English Mistakes
  • Tips for Improving your Mistakes

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Quiz | Common Errors

Try out the Quiz for Common Errors in English.

1 / 9

Is the following sentence grammatically correct?

She bought a new car and a jacket with her bonus.

2 / 9

Which letter is silent in the following word:


3 / 9

Which question is correct?

4 / 9

Is the sentence grammatically correct?

The women went to see there favourite rapper since their visiting the big city.

5 / 9

Choose the correct form of the verb.

Sullivan's Pond ______ frozen this time last year.

6 / 9

Is the sentence correct?

There were books, magazines and pictures on the shelf on January 4, 2022?

7 / 9

Is the sentence correct?

They visited he after class in he's apartment downtown.

8 / 9

What words do we always capitalize?

9 / 9

Which one is the apostrophe?

Your score is

The average score is 88%


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