We help newcomers build their lives in Canada.

Right Start Newcomer Services provides free English livestreams, settlement resources, and Halifax tours for newcomers to Canada.

Learn Canadian English Livestreams

Free language lessons on YouTube and Facebook

We are currently taking a break until January 2022.

Halifax Newcomer Tours

Get to know Halifax on our free Saturday walking tours.

Learn settlement information, meet new friends, and have fun!

“Right Start Tours are a must try for newcomers in Halifax! It is a great opportunity to get to know the main sites downtown Halifax, and also to meet new interesting people coming from different backgrounds. I HIGHLY recommend it.”


About Us

Ian Shepherd

Hi, I’m Ian Shepherd. I’m the founder of Right Start Newcomer Services. We are here to help newcomers across Canada learn English and get the information and support they need to be successful.

I have been an English instructor, curriculum developer, teacher trainer, and orientation coordinator in the settlement sector for over 10 years. During my career, I have worked with thousands of newcomers to improve their English and get settled.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you get the Right Start in Canada!

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